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Gatchell House,
Gatchell Oaks
Trull, Taunton,
Somerset TA3 7EG

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Current Vacancies

We are currently recruiting for staff at our care homes. If you would like to join our team and feel that your skills and knowledge would benefit the Trust please click here for more information.

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Care Homes For The Elderly and Disabled.

Somerset Redstone Trust was formed in 2000. The objects of the charity are to promote the relief of people living in the UK who are disadvantaged by virtue of old age or by physical or mental disability and in particular to provide and manage homes for them to live in. The Trust owns and manages 5 care homes located in Crewkerne, Exmouth and Bromsgrove with a new development now complete in Dorchester.

The Homes are:

  1. St Johns Court, Bromsgrove: a care home with nursing.
  2. Housman Court Bromsgrove: a care home and independent elderly living apartments.
  3. The Orchards Crewkerne: a care home with nursing.
  4. Exmouth House Exmouth: a care home specialising in the care of the mentally infirm and independent elderly living apartments.
  5. Gatchell Oaks Taunton: an independent elderly living complex.
  6. Signature House, Dorchester: A care home with nursing, including dementia and care apartments.